REALITY CHECK: Thank the gods for emergency funds

So remember that happy dance I was doing yesterday when I had confirmation that I had paid off my big credit card? Yea. That’s over.

Not 2 hours after posting, I checked my mail. I had a bill from my local hospital. I was expecting it because I had a TON of blood work and testing done recently. I thought it would look like the last bill they send. Under $20 and easy to squeeze into the budget. And then I opened it…..

$215…..$215 that I don’t have budgeted this month…..$215 that is due before my next paycheck…..

Last year, this would have sent me whirling. I’d be canceling acupuncture sessions and eating rice and beans for the rest of the month. And likely still borrowing $100 or so from my savings account.

BUT THIS YEAR, my bananas are in a row, so to speak. I have an emergency fund. Sure, it’s not fully funded. But it’s got $215 in it. So that is what is paying this bill. Now some of you might be thinking this is not an emergency. I haven’t lost my job. And I’m able to work. This is just an unexpected expense that you should have been saving for. And you’re totally right, guys. I agree with you. But I haven’t been saving for unexpected medical bills. Because I have been budgeting (and using) over $200 every month for medical expenses. So I know I need to go back and rearrange things. But for the time being, my emergency fund was there to absorb the blow. I can buy fresh produce (on sale of course) for the rest of the month with out panicking.

WILLKNITFORBOOKS LIFE LESSON #1: Maintain an emergency fund. Always. You’ll thank me.