Hire Me!

One of my 30 Before 30 goals is to monetize this blog. What better way than to offer my highly skilled services to the world! I’m for hire, world! Come and get me!

Services I can offer you include…

  • Proofreading and editing content — Seriously. Who likes proofreading the blog post they just wrote in a flurry?? ME. I do. I’ll find and fix your typos for a low low fee. 🙂
  • Guest writing and contributing
  • Commenting
  • Researching/Fact checking

I love writing about personal finance, living the indebted millennial dream with aplomb, homemade baking experiments, libraries and information, thrift store fashion, DIY beauty, and holistic wellness.

I’m a newb to the freelance world, so I’m a steal right now. If you’re interested in hiring a reliable writer/editor/researcher with dry wit like a fine wine, then I’m you’re girl! Reach out at willknitforbooks [at] gmail [dot] com to get me in your corner.


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