February Recap

Ok, Februrary. You’re done. You were short. You were sweet. You were oddly expensive. And I’m a little bit glad you’re over. Here’s how you went:

Credit Cards (-$2306.47)

This month was SUPER CRUCIAL. To paying down my credit cards. Using my tax return and all my christmas money, I managed to make a SERIOUS dent. I should have one card paid off by summer. The other is slated for December 2014. My eye is on the prize, y’all!

Savings (+$230)

Nothing major happening here. I stocked away some cash for the irregular expenses that will be coming due in the summer. And I threw about $60 towards my long term savings. At least I saved.

Utilities (Budgeted: $400; Actual Cost: $501.61)

Ok, this one seems ridiculous, I know. But it’s totally not! My gas bill has been coming off the next month’s budget for a few months now because the bill comes at the very end of the month. So this month, I decided to use the slack in my budget to shift that expense back into the appropriate month. So yes, I paid two gas bills this month. But now I’m caught up and back on point.

Groceries (Budgeted: $110; Actual Cost: $227.50)

I am slowly learning that I am terrible at actually budgeting for my grocery bill….This month’s goal of writing down everything should help clarify exactly where I’m slipping. Though, I can tell you my guess has something to do with a lil’ guy whose name begins with W- and ends with -INE. Since I’m off alcohol until my hives resolve, this should at least help, right?

Restaurants (Budgeted: $40; Actual Cost: $130.53)

Ok. This was my bad. A friend came to visit, and I completely forgot to budget fun money. I assume responsibility for crashing and burning on this one.

Entertainment (Budgeted: $20; Actual Cost: $82.79)

See above re: Friend Visiting.

Gifts (Budgeted: $0; Actual Cost: $44.63)

How the heck did I forget that I buy my best friend valentine’s flowers every year?? I’ve been doing it for TEN YEARS! I added this to my irregular expenses so that next year when this comes up, I’ll have $50 on hand.

Gas/Parking (Budgeted: $60; Actual Cost: $77.90)

No idea. Gas is expensive? Did I really drive that much? I mean, I guess I did….

Health (Budgeted: $295; Actual Cost: $218.62)

I argued my way out of paying $75 on a bill. I didn’t owe it. It was clerical error. Only took me 6 hours on the phone over 4 days to get actual resolution! (Health Insurance–Oy!)

Personal (Budgeted: $25; Actual Cost: $33.17)

I am truly shocked that this wasn’t higher. So I’ll take being $8 over.

Home (Budgeted: $10; Actual Cost: $194.41)

This is what happens when I clean. I freak out; go to Target; buy all these cleaning supplies; order stuff online; and then regret it at the end of the month when I’ve blown my budget. So maybe I need to start a cleaning budget?? I don’t know how to approach this one, so advice is SUPER welcome!

Glasses (Budgeted: $120; Actual Cost: $125)

My own mistake. I miscalculated how much Warby Parker would charge.

So there you have it. I was over budget just about everywhere. But, I made KILLER progress on my debt reduction plan. So all in all, I ain’t made at February!