In the summer of 2011, a young, newly minted graduate packed her bags and her masters degree moved to a big city 12 hours from home to pursue her dream job. That darling young lady got her first big girl paycheck. She had no idea what to do with herself! So she bought some furniture, a new purse, and a hell of a lot of books. Then she got a little bit sick. She is feeling better now! But after sifting through the medical bills and the emotional shopping receipts, she found herself in a whole world of debt.

I am that young financially illiterate lady, slowly going insane by the torturous gloom of her mountain of debt.

This blog is intended to chronicle my journey towards financial independence (i.e., getting my sweet sorry behind back in black). It gives me a place to discuss my triumphs and failures in responsible financial management. It is also the place where I hold myself accountable, dear reader, because having an audience tends to make one suddenly and pervasively self aware.

In addition to reading all about my newly crafted financial habits, there will also be opportunity for you to enjoy my commentary on pop culture, movies, books, crap television series, and all things geek.

Please keep in mind, this blog is meant to be anonymous. If you know who I am, or you’ve figure out who I am using your super sleuth skills, please keep that information private. Additionally, all the opinions expressed here are my own and are in no way affiliated with my place of employment. And although you may learn from my terrible example, young butterfly, please do not mistake any of the musings I post here as any kind of legal, financial, or (God forbid) medical advice. I am no expert! Just a girl trying to pull up her financial bootstraps!

And that, dear reader, is the extent of my “About Section”. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Now go read my blog!


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