Facing forward

I have realized recently that I am thinking backwards. I tend to dwell on retrospect. What happened. Or what could of have happened. Or more judgmentally, what should have happened. This is and always has been my natural state of being.

Makes for some pretty unhealthy thoughts and feelings. Which can, at times, lead to some pretty unhealthy actions (I’m looking at you ice sandwich binge of ’09).

So, in the interest of living a fuller and healthier tomorrow, I’ve been working on myself alot. And one of the things I’m trying to do is take all those thoughts of the past and regrets and judgements and swing them into something positive for the future.

So far, this process has been good. I’m getting out of debt. I’m saving for retirement. I’m saving for life’s unplanned moments (like this week’s $500 medical bill!). I’ve paused on drinking. I’m working on healthier relationships with food. I’m walking at least once a week with a friend. I’m trying to get myself back into a yoga practice (on temporary pause until the hives dissipate). I’m getting organized at work. I’ve made good progress in these areas, and I’m working for better.

Well, there’s a new step forward in town: dating. That’s right, I’m dating again. Have I gone on a date? Nope. Will I this week  or next? Doubtful. But I’m putting it out there. And I’m trying to find ways to put myself in situations to meet new people. I’m moving forward instead of dwelling in past relationships that are over. Time to pick up and move on.

So, I hope you’re ready of a large number of hilariously bad date stories. As I’m confident there will be a good chunk on the horizon.

Wish me well!