LearnVest Does it Again!

I have a very strong attachment to LearnVest’s Psychology of Money Blog. It gets me. It really gets me.

This week they ran a piece called “7 Ways to Deal with Money Envy“. And it was glorious.

How did they know that I’ve been struggling with this lately??? Can they read my mind??? ARE THEY WATCHING ME???

Lately, my friends are hitting career strides. They are getting fancy big kid jobs and buying houses and investing money and essentially kicking financial ass and taking names. And I am so proud of each of them. But I am also jealous (or envious….I never understand the specific difference). This article took that jealousy/envy and kicked it upside the face!

If you need motivation and good kick in the jealousy/envy pants, then this article is for you. Read it and tell me what you think!