Accountability Confessions

This weekend was bad for my budget. And since this blog is intended to keep me honest about my debt repayment, it’s time to confess my sins.

  1. I invited a co-worker out on Saturday. We went to a restaurant. I did both of those things knowing I had NO CASH to spend on such activities. $15 out the door
  2. My friend and I took our annual trip to the Outlet Mall and got Shamrock Shakes from McDonald’s. We also got lunch at Sonic (because we were desperate and at the Outlet Mall). I spent $90 on two dress, $4 at Sonic, and $2.50 at McDonald’s. None of these things were in my budget. They all went on my credit card. I sent the payment in the moment I got home. But that money is coming from savings, not allocated funds.

I’m trying to think deep and hard about why I did these things. Part of it has to do with a need to fell social. I haven’t been doing much since I decided to hunker down on my debt repayment. The other part has to do with the fact that I am a sucker for Outlet Malls. And I really wanted new dresses to wear to work. And now I have them. So I can wear them, and hopefully, feel more put together rather than slob like.