Accountability Check – I blew it

I have a more in-depth post coming, but I have to do a quick accountability check right now.

Last night, I went out for drinks with co-workers. I spent $45. There was not budget for drinks period, so going in the first place was a bit of a financial blunder. But I am more upset that I blew $45 of cash on drinks! I had pull money from my vacation fund. It was supposed to pay for drinks with old friends. And it’s not like I drank the least expensive thing on the menu. No PBR for this girl. I had to be fancy. 

So there you have it. I’m $45 down, and all I got was this stupid headache. 

Learn from my mistakes. 


Financial Literacy – Your Money or Your Life

I just started reading the PF classic, Your Money or Your Life. I have to say, so far, I’m digging the approach. I know that my money situation is based 75% on emotional money making decisions. Some for the better (dream job!) and some for the not so better (damned credit cards….). So I like the idea that I have cultivate a positive relationship with money like I will have to cultivate a positive relationship with future spouse. The conceptualization appeals to me way more than “just stop spending money, idiot”.

I’m only a Preface into this read. And it’s definitely dated. But I think there might be some useful gems in here somewhere. I’ll keep you posted when I find them!

What about your reads? What is your PF classic of choice?

One Day In. Already failing.

Recently, I started slipping financially. I had a pretty great year. But then I broke up with my boyfriend. And the emotional spending started. I got that under control only to have my car flip out on me and to have to make some unplanned doctor’s appointments. Needless to say, this fall I have been slipping. So I decided to start blogging again to hold myself accountable. Well, here goes:

I’m still slipping.

This morning, I bought 2 birthday cards and a cup of tea. This ran me $8.45 (since when are greeting cards so damned expensive??). $8.45 that were unplanned. And unnecessary. Sort of. Really just the tea. The birthday cards were important. I just wish I had planned for them instead waking up, going “oh snakes on a plane, it’s XXXXX’s birthday!!”. The tea was just stupid. It was my cover. One of the birthday friends works with me. So I excused myself to Starbucks for some “tea” and then went to BN and got the cards. Starbucks made a killing off me to today. $2.69 for BOILED WATER and HERBS IN A SACHET! $2.69 is a BOX OF TEA at Target. UGH. Can you sense my rage?

So there you have it. Accountable to my own unplanned actions. And so pissed off that I slipped not 24 hours after reinstating this bad boy.

Next year, everyone is getting homemade cards. And I’m giving up tea (let’s get real… I’m not). Ok, I’ll bring my own tea from home!

Back in the Saddle….Again

Ok! Let’s try this again!

Here I am, reader. Yet again trying out the world of Personal Finance blogging as a means of accountability for my financial journey. You may not know it, but this blog has existed for years. You may not know that because it’s been private for a few months. And I just deleted all of the previous posts. Why you ask? Well, of course I’ll tell you why! I just had a birthday. And the year is coming to a close. And I’m feeling the need to clean out my figurative closets and start a fresh. So let’s try this blogging thing again. From the beginning!

So the first thing to settle is, “What will this blog be?” The short answer could be, “It’s a personal finance blog!” But do I really want to call myself a PF blogger? I suppose I do. I created it to give myself a forum to account for my actions and to share my journey towards financial intelligence. But if I’m being truthful, it’s not really a PF blog in the traditional sense. Most PF bloggers have been around the block. They have already lived what I’m currently in the thick of. They can tell you how to save $3 on organic peanut butter because they have spent years perfecting the art. I’m still at a loss for the elusive affordable organic crunchy peanut butter. So really, I hesitate to say this blog is truly PF. Because you’ll find no sage-like wisdom here. You won’t get advice or recommendations. You won’t get a list of the top five rewards credit cards or a lists of the best investment firms. No sir. Trust me, you don’t want my advice on these topics right now. That’s how I wonder up in the red in the first place! No, what you want is my story. My narrative. My hilarious battle with the psychological thriller that is personal finance for this late twenties American nerd.

And I promise to deliver just that. No more. No Less. Ok, maybe more. Like cupcakes. And stuff. Stay tuned for my zany adventures with trying out frugality tips, debt reduction, at-home cooking, and figuring out how to save money!